Pay Attention to These Fuel System Warning Signs

If your vehicle's fuel pump encounters any difficulty getting gas from your tank to your engine, your car may sputter or refuse to start. Our Bob Poynter Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in Columbus, IN service team wants you to be aware of these important warning signs that something in your fuel system needs repair or replacement.

Does your engine suddenly begin sputtering when you are driving at high speeds? A sudden rise in temperature followed by stalling is another fuel system emergency. If your fuel pressure gauge reads low, you have a fuel pump issue. Does your car lose power when hauling something heavy or when climbing up a hill? Does the car suddenly surge forward while driving at a consistent speed? Have you noticed an unreasonable usage of more fuel recently? These conditions, as well as failure of the engine to start, are all warning signs that our service department should inspect your fuel pump.

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