How Motor Oil Viscosity Ratings Work

Oil viscosity is an important factor when considering the type of motor oil to buy. This is because every car has been manufactured with certain specifications that allow it to run at its optimum level, and the motor oil plays a major role in that.

The viscosity of motor oils is normally designated with numbers and letters, such as 10W-30. In this case, "10" shows how viscous the oil will be during low temperature whereas "30" represents the viscosity level during high temperature. In other words, the number before the letter “W” represents low-temperature viscosity while that after “W” represents high viscosity.

Naturally, oil thickens when it is cold, which means a car would require a thinner motor oil for the motor to move quickly and more easily. Get to learn more about motor oil viscosity by visiting our service center at Bob Poynter Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in Columbus, IN today, and we will help you understand how your oil works!

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