A Checklist For Your Road Trip Is a Good Idea

Many of our customers have related to us how a little planning would have helped when they took their last road trip. Here are some helpful suggestions:
  1. Have your vehicle checked to make sure that there is nothing that would cause you any problems on your trip
  2. Take along an emergency first aid kit. It pays to be prepared in case of minor injuries
  3. Make arrangements for meals and overnight accommodations ahead of time so that you are not subject to any surprises.
  4. Be sure and have some activities planned to keep passengers and kids occupied during the trip.
  5. Use a good trip planner such as Google Maps so your trip will be efficient and well-planned
  6. Take some snacks and drinks so you can keep up your energy
You can probably come up with some more ideas, but just make sure that you write them down on your list. Have a great trip, and we look forward to seeing you when you return.
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